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Dr. MJ Hugenholtzweg 25

We are located in the office building of 'Green Apple' on the Dr Maalweg. We have our own streetside entrance with the 'Mirasoon' sticker on the door! 

Opening hours

Thursday: 09.00 - 17.00

Friday: 09.00 - 17.00

Saturday: 09.00 - 13.00

Monday: 09.00 - 17.00

Tuesday: 09.00 - 17.00

Wednesday: 09.00 - 17.00

Sunday: closed

Feel free to bring family members / friends / children / brothers / sisters / pets to the ultrasound! We do ask to take into account a maximum of 5 people, otherwise it will be a bit too crowded.

echo praktijk curacao
If you have any questions, big or small, please don't hesitate to contact us! 
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