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Courses and coaching

At mirasoon we want to be able to guide you in every way possible. This is possible with an ultrasound, full pregnancy guidance, but also with a course, for example.

Pregnancy courses

We offer a course of 3 evenings once a month (may vary due to high demand). This is with a group of other pregnant women, and partners are welcome! This is also a nice way to meet other people to share experiences and beautiful moments.

Themes that will be discussed during these evenings are:

- The normal delivery

- Postures and pain

- Complications

Birthing coach

Sometimes you are a bit insecure, or you want someone to coach you through the delivery. Someone who is with you from start to finish, knows exactly how/what/why things happen, and can keep you and your partner focused and calm.


Lysanne is an expert by experience as a midwife, but as a coach her priority is the pregnant woman and her partner. Do you choose to give birth in a hospital? Then Lysanne can go along with the entire process. Do you want to know more if this is something for you? Feel free to ask! 

Of course, the coaching starts long before the birth, during which we will discuss your wishes, possible scenarios, history and more in several conversations.


Pregnancy course
3 evenings in groups

Private course, 3 moments

Birth coaching
includes pregnancy course

Naf 125.-
Naf 1200.-
Naf 625.-
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