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What we stand for

Ultrasound helps build a bond between expectant parents and their unborn child. Showing a moving child strengthens the feelings towards the child.


This can certainly help the partners of the pregnant woman, who are not the ones feeling life growing inside of them. For very anxious/insecure parents, seeing their child can increase confidence and reduce anxiety.

Communication is our top priority. We listen to the wishes of the pregnant woman and partner, think along, and give personal and professional advice
At mirasoon we are person-oriented, and we want you to enjoy this special time.
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Lysanne echo verloskundige

Lysanne van Heijningen

Obstetrician and ultrasound specialist

Trained as a midwife and specialised in prenatal screening. Lysanne's heart and soul has been in the guidance of pregnant women for years. From a young age she already knew what she was going to study in college and completed it successfully in 2011.


During her work as a midwife she specialized in prenatal screening. With certificates for basic ultrasound, obstetrics and gynaecology, structural ultrasound, counseling and the 13-week ultrasound, she switched to being a full-time sonographer at Echotoon in Groningen in 2016.


After having enjoyed working there for 5 years, she moved with her family to Curaçao, where she made her dream, having her own practice, a reality.

Nicole Stoel

Assistant and masseuse

Nicole has worked for a long time as a doctor's assistant for various specialists and doctors, including in the Gynecology department. She is also a specialized pregnancy masseuse! In the future, we therefore also want to offer pregnancy massages at Mirasoon in the practice.

You can meet Nicole in the shop, on the phone or via WhatsApp, and who knows, maybe in a while at the massage table ;)

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Steffen van Heijningen

Steffen van Heijningen

Neuroscientist and managing director

Together with Lysanne for 15 years, Steffen has always been involved in her career. He himself has completed his studies in Neuroscience, and has written his dissertation on the effects of early life nutrition (breastfeeding versus bottlefeeding) on the (brain) development of babies. After completing his PhD, Steffen moved with his family back to the island where he was born and raised.

In the field of scientific advice, communication, and medical management, Steffen is active in Curaçao with his company: 'Scientific Consulting Curaçao'.  

Behind the scenes Steffen keeps everything running smoothly for Mirasoon. All technical and organizational aspects, but also regularly answering the phone and scheduling ultrasounds.

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