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You are pregnant and want an ultrasound

An ultrasound can be a fun experience that you can share with your partner, parents, aunt, brother, sister, other family or your best friend.

With us we always make it a fun experience where everyone is welcome. Your wishes come first! 

From early in the pregnancy we can see a lot, we print nice pictures for you, and we can even record a whole video of the ultrasound. 

sex determination ('gender reveal scan') is a popular choice, where we can see from 14 weeks whether your baby(s) will be a boy or a girl. 

Do you want the gender to remain a secret from yourself (and your partner)? Let us know and we'll make sure we give you a closed envelope, call a friend, or a company where you ordered something with a pink or blue color. 

We also make beautiful ultrasounds3D/4D. Check out our Instagram page to see what these will look like. Please note when you have this done! It is possible from 12 weeks into the pregnancy, but you will get the most beautiful images from 27 weeks into the pregnancy. 

Medical ultrasounds on request during pregnancy

With us you can have medical ultrasound carried out on request. You ask, we look!  We can perform all standard ultrasounds during pregnancy. These are, for example, ultrasounds to screen for any abnormalities, in case of uncertainty, blood loss or other indications. 

We want to ensure that everyone receives the best care/guidance/information during pregnancy. Ultrasound checks also play an important role here. 

It often happens early in pregnancy that there is some uncertainty, there may be blood loss or you simply want to have the first checkup. We call the first echo a vitality echo

Around 10 weeks it is important to determine the term of the of pregnancy. This means that we can measure and calculate exactly how far pregnant you are, and what your due date is. A good one term determination is very important to accurately measure things like growth during your pregnancy. 

You can also choose to have a screening for abnormalities done between 12 and 14 weeks: the 13-week ultrasound. And between 19 and 21 weeks: the 20-week ultrasound

We can also measure the growth of your child with a growth ultrasound. Checking your baby's position with a breech scan. And look at the location of the placenta with a placenta localization

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