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Pregnant in Curacao

And looking for a midwife

You have a positive pregnancy test, now what? You can register with us for the entire pregnancy process. We do an intake and an early ultrasound around 6 -7 weeks. 


We are a periodically acting midwife on Curaçao for our dear colleague Karin Stomp. This means that we cannot offer everything that falls within obstetric care at all times. Please contact us for more clarity on this! 

During the intake we go through all the important things. Your own (medical) history, how many pregnancies/children did you already have? And of course it is also important that we get to know your partner. We find it important to involve them in the entire process. 

Very important: we also discuss your wishes during this meeting. How/where do you want to give birth? In the hospital? Or at home? We also have options such as a birthing pool(which you can rent from us) and a birthing stool. 

Lysanne van Heijningen - Midwife

From early pregnancy to delivery and beyond. Lysanne can be there from start to finish. 

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