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Welcome to mirasoon

The pregnancy center on Curaçao 


We offer:

  • Pregnancy counseling

  • Ultrasounds

  • Birth Coaching (Doula +)

  • classes and courses

  • Contraception: Also placing an IUD

  • Lifestyle advice  

So are you pregnant? Or are you not (yet) pregnant?We are here for you for the entire process. In a fertility program? Then we can also do follicle tracing

We also provide (life style) advice before/during/after pregnancy. We are professionals in obstetrics with a scientific background in nutrition and development.


Communication is very important to us, we also have a non-clinical setting and a personal approach.

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Our vision

If you are pregnant, you are not sick. It is a special time that everyone should be able to enjoy as much as possible. Unfortunately, pregnancy is not always easy, fast or without consequences for everyone. Our goal is to be there for everyone, in every situation. We provide personal guidance and respect  your wishes. 

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Stories from our customers

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Make an appointment now via chat, whatsapp, by phone, or send us an email!

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