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Where are you under pregnancy care?
Do you, or did you, follow a pregnancy course?

Curious about how people feel during the period surrounding childbirth? 

Contribute to scientific research into childbirth experience

Are you pregnant, or recently have given birth, and living in Curaçao? Or lived in Curaçao during your pregnancy/birth? Then you now have the unique opportunity to contribute to a study* that can transform the future of pregnancy care on our island. Led by local and international experts, Dr. Sanne Gordijn from the University Medical Center Groningen and Dr. Steffen van Heijningen of Scientific Consulting Curaçao, this research delves deep into the core of pregnancy experiences on Curaçao.

*this study has been approved by the medical-ethical review committee (METC) of the Curaçao Medical Center (CMC). 

Our goal? To discover through your experiences how we can optimize pregnancy care for every woman on Curaçao. This research focuses on the experience of pregnant women, with one of the research groups taking a specific pregnancy course at the Mirasoon practice. However, it is your experience that is central, regardless of the route you choose during your pregnancy.

This local study, with support from the University of Groningen, is a wonderful opportunity to make a real difference. Not only does it provide insight into what pregnancy experiences in Curaçao are currently like, but also how they compare to the rest of the world by using the validated CEQ2 questionnaire (Childbirth Experience Questionaire). This allows the results from this study to be compared with other studies from other countries that also use this questionnaire.

Your participation provides valuable feedback that can directly contribute to improving care and support for future mothers on our island.

How can you participate? Easy. Complete the contact form below, or send an email to

Do you have additional questions? Then you can always email Mirasoon:


Share your pregnancy experience by participating in our study. Your insights are crucial for shaping a future in which every pregnant woman in Curaçao feels heard, supported and well cared for.

Make your voice heard. Together we make pregnancy care in Curaçao better, one experience at a time.



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